Gareth Lee and Lengfei Tok – Dressing for Function

Date: November 28, 2014

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Even though Gareth and Lengfei share similar ideals and respect for design, the discerning crafters are poles apart when it comes to personal style. But one thing the pair agrees on is dressing for function and how their Converse Jack Purcell sneakers complement their outfits and lifestyle.


Gareth owns a wardrobe populated with black, white, grey and a bit of very dark green, blue or khaki. He explained, “I don’t want to wear things that don’t have a purpose or make me uncomfortable. I have a lot of shoes – more than my sister. I own more shoes than clothes. And I hate carrying bags. You want your hands to be free, you know.”


In contrary, Lengfei has been obsessed with bags since he was a teen. With a preference for lifestyle bags instead of luxury ones, he owns many that are made by local design companies and Japanese labels. Speaking of his dressing, Lengfei said, “Everything needs to be very comfortable, easy and ready to wear. Most things in my wardrobe are the same colour. Many people said that I’m very boring because I like to buy the same things in different colours. Or I would own three to four pieces of the same colour.”


In terms of shoes, Lengfei likes them to stay clean while Gareth on the other hand, fancies how his shoes become worn out and dirty after a while because this enhances their character.


Jack Purcell Jack-Cross Stitch / Jack Purcell Classic Canvas