Gareth Lee and Lengfei Tok – Working Style

Date: November 26, 2014

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Gareth and Lengfei emphasise that Banwagon Bags/Wares was meant to be established as a project and not a product business. Managing it as a project means more focus is placed on the message about craftsmanship and working on collaborations.

What separates Banwagon Bags/Wares leather products from the rest is the simplicity in design and construction. For a few of the items, the crafters employ the Japanese origami style of technique instead of just layering. Interestingly, the duo is not bothered about trying to be overly creative with their work.

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What we do now is very functional – a wallet has to serve the purpose of a wallet. Everything goes into function and simplicity. We inject creativity through design details,” said Lengfei.

Good work ethics also plays a significant role in dictating how the crafters work. Keeping the end users in mind, they believe in being committed to creating quality products with a sense of conviction.

Gareth expressed, “Never think that you’re good enough because that’s when things start to get boring and you’ll lose your passion. You don’t really improve.”



Stay tuned for the next and final part of Gareth and Lengfei’s story as they reveal their quirky sense of style.