Leroy Zhong – A Watch Aficionado

Date: December 22, 2014

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“I collect watches for a whole spectrum of reasons, some to mark occasions at the point of purchase, some for their own stories, others for designs I appreciate,” said Leroy Zhong, watch aficionado and founder of local timepiece labels – Edypoi and HyperGrand. Having turned his leisure pursuit into a full-fledge business, Leroy is a creative curator in a league of his own.

His personal watch collection spans from Swatch pieces to a Vacheron Constantin watch. Even though Leroy dedicates the same affection to all of them, he admits that the most important timepiece to him is an old Rolex Datejust that was passed down from his grandfather. He fancies the watch not only for its classic design, but also its sentimental value.

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Interestingly, Leroy’s attraction towards this timeless device also provides him some perspectives on the people he meet. He explained, “What fascinates me is that a timepiece is a functional instrument that tells you a lot about the wearer. In my opinion, a person’s choice of watch and the reason of his choice, offers a sneak preview of the person’s character.”

Leroy Zhong – Talking Business

To date, both Edypoi and HyperGrand have been performing past expectations in their respective niche. In terms of design work, Leroy takes on different approaches for both labels. Fuelled by an international strategy, HyperGrand is designed for the sartorial crowd where creativity is applied to achieve a balance between wrist presence and wearability.


On the other hand, Edypoi is Leroy’s avenue for creative exploration where the watch is his canvas and every design is an expression. The creative curator even gets hands on with the technical repairs for Edypoi watches, which comprise a more complicated mechanism.

Managing two watch labels also mean that Leroy is constantly faced with an intimidating list of to-dos. It’s no wonder his main challenge is trying to squeeze them all into his daily schedule. In the midst of the chaos, Leroy stays creatively stimulated by keeping abreast of culture and indulging in coffee. He gathers inspiration through his travels, as they open horizons for him.

Leroy Zhong – Pursuing A Timeless Style

Inevitably, Leroy’s daily lifestyle revolves around style. For work, he looks outside of the watch industry, such as fashion, music or modern art, for style influences.

He said, “Seeing that many new watch designs are reinterpretations of classic watches, I seek to design watches that will become the classics of our own times.”

When it comes to his personal style, he likes to keep things basic and timeless. His current sneaker muse is his Converse Jack Purcell.

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“They’re quite versatile. I can wear them with denim and basic T-shirts on most days, and with a casual suit to events,” he quipped.


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