Taufek Asmarak – Skater at Heart

Date: December 11, 2014


Graphic designer by day and skateboarder at heart, Taufek Asmarak is an instigator of works that combine skateboarding and creativity. The brainchild of local skateboarding magazine, Waxfeather, Taufek pursues the gems and the art of the skateboarding realm and presents them in his printed publication.

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His passion for skateboarding ignited when he was 13 years old. He was intrigued by the sport as he was surrounded by skaters in his neighbourhood. After picking up his first skateboard at 13, he progressed in the sport and started meeting more skaters who would eventually take his passion to the next level. Currently, the sum of his board collection stands at a whopping 100 over pieces, and counting.

To him, skateboarding means freedom and a creative lifestyle. He takes pride in being a street skater and doing creative work in skateboarding by trying things that has not been done or seen yet. That’s more important than skating competitively, even though he used to participate in competitions for the fun of them.


Taufek Asmarak – Talking Waxfeather

These days, Taufek could only manage to skate twice a week as most of his time is dedicated to his work in running Waxfeather and his day job as a graphic designer.

Things are going pretty hectic right now… Every week I’ll be out meeting skateboarders, shooting and talking to skaters around the world to know more about the scene and what’s going on,” he explained.

One great news for Taufek is how Waxfeather is breaking geographical boundaries by getting strong regional support from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The publication has even reached UK and some parts of Europe that have an ardent skate and print scene.


Not intending for Waxfeather to be a one man show, Taufek hopes to get more involvement and contributions from creative folks, photographers, skaters and individuals who are pushing the skate scene. He draws inspiration from Pontus Alv of Polar Skate Co., whom he personally admire for approaching skateboarding in a unique and creative manner, and leading the scene in a new direction.


Always keeping things fresh and creative, Taufek plans to implement a large format print for Waxfeather, infusing a newspaper-style to the publication. He also intends to get experimental with film photography as its unpredictability injects an interesting approach to the creative work.

Taufek Asmarak – Embracing the CONS Style

In contrast with his colourful life of skate and creativity, Taufek prefers to deck himself in the epitome of simplicity – black and white. He dresses for comfort and mobility as a skater does – in a t-shirt casually hanging over a pair of well-fitting pants.

More importantly is his choice of sneakers, which has to endure hard hits and grinds from obstacles on the streets. With skate as a lifestyle, Taufek likes wearing Converse CONS sneakers.


He said, “I’ve been buying CONS for myself all these while as the sneakers have a good feel. Their outer soles have a good grip, which makes them good to skate in. The CONS range has a classic style and the design matches with the clothes that I wear.”


CONS Pro Leather 76 Skate / CONS Star Player