Converse X Bandulu Street Couture

A bold collection that sits at the intersection of art and sport. Bandulu’s street luxury aesthetic meets Converse’s classic basketball heritage.

Bandulu’s embroidered paint drip is iconic in the world of streetwear, but it has humble origins in the founder’s art school days. When living a messy, creative lifestyle added stains and imperfections to his clothes, he used paint splatters to turn them into wearable art.

What began from necessity grew into something bigger. While working at Bodega, a hidden sneaker hub disguised as a fake convenience store, he started selling bootleg vintage garments embellished with his newfound style. Bandulu Street Couture was born and so was its mantra: “you know it’s real if it’s fake.” 

An art-first brand, Bandulu chooses everyday streetwear classics as their canvas. By reworking and retooling pieces from notable labels and brands, they transform established identity into something entirely new. This distinct approach has sparked a celebrity following and big-name partnerships. 

Similarly, Bandulu applies meticulous detailing and vibrant embroidered paint splatters to the soulful Pro Leather and the iconic Chuck 70. The result is a collection that celebrates the convergence of the basketball and creative communities. 

Retailing at $169.90, this collection is available at Converse boutique in Ngee Ann City and Limited Edt Chamber now!