Chinatown Market uses Converse basketball icons as a canvas to revisit the championship leather jackets Jeff Hamilton designed for the ‘98 Bulls and ‘02 Lakers. Calling the style bold would be an understatement. The jackets were unapologetically loud with over-sized graphics and maxed-out color, matching the real-life swagger of the legendary dynasties they celebrated. This collection recreates that in-your-face championship style on the Chuck 70 and soulful Pro Leather with screen-printed graphics, embroidered details and woven patches.

Chinatown Market “Lakers Championship Jacket” Chuck 70 Hi

It was the year the legendary dynasty clinched their third NBA title in a row, and the bold leather jacket put an emphatic exclamation point on the legacy with unapologetically loud graphics and maxed out color against the LA skyline. Chinatown Market brings that in-your-face championship design back to the streets, marking the team’s title years – Hollywood style – on every panel of this limited-edition Chuck 70 Hi. The unique leather Chuck 70 Hi features a stylish contrasting white tongue and emphatically marks championship years in large graphic type on every panel.

Chinatown Market “Lakers Championship Jacket” Pro Leather Hi

Chinatown Market’s nostalgic aesthetic has a way of making the familiar feel fresh and new — creating unique pieces through unexpected combinations. The Pro Leather’s soulful court legacy gets paired with legendary dynasties of the sport through bold all-over graphics: screen-printed skylines, embroidery details, woven patches and unique cobranding. 

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