Nicole Wong: An Influencer of Style

Date: August 15, 2016

A name marked by a signature flair and street credibility, Nicole Wong defines herself as a stylist, a creative consultant and a digital influencer. Her presence in the digital realm is one that flourished organically, kick-started by a blog that documented her outfits since her teenage years.

Nicole Wong

Currently, Nicole is predominantly active on Instagram, where she shares her styles and styling works, while boasting more than 55 thousand followers as an influencer. With a vast experience across all facets of fashion styling and marketing, she styles for magazines and works with brands as a creative consultant to help them curate their Instagram page.

Journey and Challenges
Late last year, Nicole took the plunge and became a full time influencer, having established herself in the fashion and beauty scene. Her credibility and brilliant taste in style have earned her invitations to be involved in numerous initiatives and events such as the Street Style Awards 2015 and fashion week in other cities.

Widely recognised and supported by various reputable fashion, beauty and style editors, the edgy fashionista is renowned for creating vivid product flat lays that play with textures and highlight the qualities of the featured products.

Nicole Wong

The best has yet to come for Nicole in 2016, though she appreciates and savours every opportunity that comes her way. With regards to her journey as a full time influencer, she said, “It has been challenging and exciting at the same time. I am truly grateful that I am blessed to be able to do it full time.”

Not one to rest on her laurels, Nicole constantly challenges herself to be a step ahead and pushes herself to ‘be better and do better’.

Nicole Wong

Personal Style
It is not hard to spot Nicole from a crowd. Rocking her signature bangs, the self-proclaimed tomboy at heart flaunts a stunning versatility in her style. She brings depth to minimalist pieces and pulls off bold designs effortlessly. A lover of white sneakers, the style icon is also generous with her accessories whenever they fit.

Nicole Wong

Despite all the talk about style, Nicole seeks comfort as one of her priorities when deciding what to wear. She believes that style and comfort can exist harmoniously together – one reason why she can relate to Converse as a brand that she likes. She explained,

“Converse stays true to its style and never divert from its core beliefs

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